We are metalworkers, architects, welders, artists, makers, engineers, and designers. We forge bespoke objects and environments.  Our craft is born of industry, of the manufacturing heritage of our home, North East England. 

Our creations are elemental, they are humble yet timeless. We believe in the honest beauty of raw, modest materials. Metal is our obsession, the backbone of our work. 

Each and every one of our pieces is hand-crafted to order with passion and integrity by hardy northern souls.

We work internationally, delivering the very highest quality of design and workmanship to some of the world's most
high—profile clients. 

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Shipbuilding on the Tyne, 1906



Our work is an ongoing collaboration between design and fabrication. We are not trained furniture designers nor craftsmen, rather architects, makers, and industrially-trained metalworkers. The result of this melting pot, we feel, is the unexpected, a symbiotic celebration of form and materiality.

We use time-honoured techniques and an understated palette to create refined, contemporary aesthetics with just a hint of opulence. We embrace the quirks of the metal worker’s interpretation, encouraging his hand as much as the designer’s. Although metal is our speciality, the use of a carefully-curated range of Cumbrian slate and rare British marble permeates our work.

The reinterpretation of even the most modest of materials, revealing their inherent beauty, is a key theme in our creative philosophy.



NOVOCASTRIAN was founded in 2014, although the formative ideas run deeply through many generations of family blood.

Our work will always be hand-crafted to order in the UK, by skilled craftsmen at our Northern workshop.

Private visits can be made by appointment.



We are the sons and daughters of the Northern shipbuilders and coal miners who drove the industrial revolution. We continually seek to repurpose their craft into one fit for our modern times.


Stephenson's Rocket, 1829


Building the Tyne Bridge, 1928

Staiths shelving unit, 2014

Staiths shelving unit, 2014

The Shipyards at Wallsend, 1968,    Peter Loud

The Shipyards at Wallsend, 1968, Peter Loud