We find fascination in the overlooked, the understated, the unappreciated. Our material palette continues to grow and evolve, yet metal and stone will always be the foundations on which we build. 

Our creations are proud products of their environments, and materiality is an intrinsic component in defining this environment. 

We celebrate local materials wherever possible. All of our metal finishes are created in-house by our skilled craftspeople. We work also extensively with the very finest Cumbrian slates, sourced from England's Lake District, only 80 miles from our workshop.

For the most special pieces, we work with a range of exquisite yet incredibly rare British marbles 

Honister Pass, The Lake District, the home of Cumbrian slate









Our specialised metal finishes are entirely hand-produced by our craftsmen, and as such will always feature a degree of tonal variation. This variation should not be considered a fault, but an intrinsic part of our offering, and what we believe makes our products unique and beautiful. Metal patinas may continue to develop and enrich over time. This should not be considered a fault, but a fundamental part of a graceful ageing process. Our finishes are not 'perfect', and intentionally so, rather they are full of life and character, and often require maintenance as would a timber finish. If you have any questions regarding our finishes, please contact us.

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